TIMES was used in a number of different applications through the years. A report is issued every three years summarising all the applications through a review of all the relevant publications and presentations.

Annexes Final Reports

Other Reports

  • A short TIMES training course, IER, Goteborg, 2001. [Download zip]
  • Leonardo Barreto: "Technological Learning in Energy Optimisation Models and Deployment of Emerging Technologies", a PhD dissertation submitted to the ETH Zurich, 2001. [Download pdf]
  • Analysis of the impact of enhanced use of renewable and advanced fossil fuel technologies for power generation in Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam and development of appropriate policies and institutional frameworks. [Download pdf]
  • Labriet M. 2005. Greenhouse Gas Abatement: Techno-Economic Modeling of Global Cooperative and Non-Cooperative Scenarios. PhD Thesis, UQAM, Canada. (Example of linkage between the World integrated MARKAL and game theory in order to define global climate policies.) [Download pdf]
  • The Future Role of Fusion Power: Endogenous Technological Learning in a TIMES Model of an Energy System. [Download zip]