IEA-ETSAP Energy Systems Analysis Webinars

IEA-ETSAP organises online webinars on topics which are related to energy modelling in general and specific topics related to the use of ETSAP tools. The webinars are organised every one or two months with topics selected by the modelling community. The recordings of the webinars are available on ETSAP’s YouTube channel following the links below.

IEA-ETSAP Webinars

Introducing Veda 2.0. October 2020

Amit Kanudia, KanORS-EMR: Introducing Veda 2.0

How to build a TIMES model from scratch. November 2020

Kathleen Vaillancourt, ESMIA Consultants: Building multi-regional models. Experiences from the development of the model for Canada and North America
Olexandr Balyk, University College Cork: Building TIMES models with flexible temporal resolution
Evangelos Panos, PSI Zurich: Building a multi-regional model using a single excel workbook and TFM_DINS
Gary Goldstein, Decisionware Group: Building a new model by transforming the VEDA TIMES-Starter

Modelling clean energy transitions: approaches and tools for the World Energy Outlook and the Energy Technology Perspectives. December 2020

The International Energy Agency (IEA) publishes many key energy reports including two that focus on the future evolution of the global energy system: the World Energy Outlook and the Energy Technology Perspectives. In this webinar, two of the IEA’s leading modellers give an overview of their models and modelling approaches that underpin these two flagship reports.
Dr. Stéphanie Bouckaert speaks about modelling energy end-use sectors.
Dr. Uwe Remme discusses the modelling of energy transformation sectors.

This webinar was organized by the IEA ETSAP and was hosted by the UCL Energy Institute at University College London.