ETSAP Training Singapore

The 5th Asian Energy Modelling Workshop on “Achieving a Sustainable 2050: Insights from Energy System Modelling”, Singapore, 10-11 September 2018
Creating development strategies for Asia and beyond till 2050 requires careful studies that deal with the dynamic environment where heterogeneous agents operate. It involves a wide range of policies from areas such as energy, environment, technology, innovation and public finance. Interactions among economic, energy and other environmental aspects grow strongly, which makes the pursuit of a comprehensive sustainable development strategy increasingly complex for policymakers.

VEDA-TIMES training together with the Asian Energy Modeling Workshop

A dedicated training course for ETSAP's tools will be held in ESI Conference Room, 29 Heng Mui King Terrace, Blk A#10-01, Singapore on 12th - 14th September 2018.

This will be a three days basic training course on VEDA-TIMES.

The training agenda and more information is available here.

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