Paris June 2004

Semi-annual ETSAP meeting

Index Workshop Paris, 21-25 June 2004, Summary and Proceedings

Location : France - Annual Meeting of the IEA
Jointly organized by EMF/IEA/IIASA/ETSAP
21-25 June 2004 Paris

Regular ETSAP Spring Meeting
Monday - 21 June 2004ETSAP ToolsGianCarlo Tosato: IntroductionDolf Gielen: MARKAL-ETP: present structure of the model and database proposals for improvement of the tools Richard Loulou, Gary Goldstein, Ken Noble: Presentation of the new MARKAL documentation Gary Goldstein, Ken Noble: MARKAL-ANSWER: updates, SW versions, installation Dan Loughlin, US-EPA: Exploring near equilibrium solutions: the MARKAL MGA algorithm and its use Amit Kanudia, Kathleen Vaillancourt, Richard Loulou: The VEDA Front End: status of the Data Base and Templates approach
The VEDA back-end: new reporting capabilitiesUwe Remme, Antti Lehtila, Gary Goldstein: The TIMES model generator: status of the code Richard Loulou, Uwe Remme, Antti Lehtila, Gary Goldstein, Amit Kanudia, Kathleen Vaillancourt: Proposed outline of VEDA-TIMES documentationLeonardo Barreto, Peter Rafai, Socrates Kypreos, PSI-CH: Marginal abatement curves in the energy systems GMM model Sanna Syri, Antti Lehtila, I. Savoliainen, VTT Process: Multi-gas GHG mitigation scenarios for Finland - diversified energy supply with reduced air pollution John Conti, US-EIA: SAGE project: recent developments and resultsTom Alfstad, Mark Howells, Energy Research Center, Cape Town University, SA: Recent energy systems analysis activitiesNorma Anglani, G. Petrecca, A. Signoriello, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Uni.Pavia, ITALY: Local Energy Planning: How to get started with MARKAL while serving the community and interconnecting University's expertise with the territory Joint IEA Meeting
Tuesday - 22 June 2004Opening and Welcome Address:
Claude Mandil - IEA Executive Director
Fatih Birol, Alan Manne, John Weyant, GianCarlo Tosato, Leo SchrattenholzerPLENARY SESSION I
CHAIRPERSON: Alan ManneFatih Birol: World Energy Outlook: Challenges for Energy ModellersLeo Schrattenholzer: A Roadmap to a Sustainable Global Energy SystemPeter Odell: Why Carbon Fuels will Dominate the 21st Century's Global Energy EconomyJoseph Aldy: Thirteen Plus One: A Comparison of Global Climate Policy ArchitecturesTuesday Afternoon - 22 June 2004Dolf J. Gielen, Niclas Mattsson, Fridtjof Unander: Technology Learning in the ETP Model Socrates Kypreos: Impacts on RD&D on Carbon Mitigation Cost Paper - PresentationMark Howells: Modeling Multiple Goals: GHG Mitigation and Socio-economic Development John Lee, Edward Linky, Owen Carroll: A Portfolio Approach in Local Energy Planning and Building Upgrades: The Case of New York F. Pietrapertosa, C. Cosmi, M. Macchiato, G. Marmo, M. Salvia : Life Cycle Assessment and Comprehensive Analysis for an Integrated Evaluation of Environmental Impact of Anthropogenic Activities Wednasday 23 June 2004
PLENARY SESSION IIEnergy Modeling Forum (EMF) Study
CHAIRPERSON: John Weyant Geoffrey Blanford, Francisco De la Chesnaye, Casey Delhotal, John Weyant: EMF 21 Study: Multi-Gas Mitigation and Climate Change
Presentation 1 - Presentation 2John Weyant: EMF 22: Climate Policy Scenarios in the Long Run and in TransitionHillard Huntington: EMF 23: World Natural Gas Markets and TradeJean Laherrere: Natural gas supply future
Paper - PresentationShunsuke Mori: Project Phoenix - Integrated Assessment of Global Warming Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation with Multi-region and Multi-sector Model and Scenario Development
Paper - Presentation
Wednasday Afternoon 23 June 2004Domenico Rossetti Di Valdalbero: European Energy Socio-economic Research Amit Kanudia, Kathleen Vaillancourt, Richard Loulou, GianCarlo Tosato: Long-term Energy-emission Scenarios with the World-TIMES Model S. Syri, A. Lehtila, I. Savolainen: Multi-gas GHG Mitigation Scenarios for Finland Diversified Energy Supply with Reduced Air Pollution Markus Blesl, Uwe Remme, Ulrich Fahl: European Electricity Market between Liberalisation and Climate Protection Sebastian Briem, Ulrich Fahl, Markus Blesl, Ingo Ellersdorfer, Uwe Remme: The Modelling Experiment IV of the German Energy Modelling ForumPeter Read: Addressing the Policy Implications of Potential Abrupt Climate Change induced by Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Thursday 24 June 2004
CHAIRPERSON: Leo SchrattenholzerWilliam Nordhaus: The Outlook for Energy Three Decades After the Energy Crisis Paper - PresentationFridtjof Unander: Oil Crises and Climate Challenges: 30 Years of Energy Use in IEA Countries Nebojsa Nakicenovic: Long-term Drivers of Climate ChangeAlan Manne: MERGE: An Integrated Assessment for Global Climate Change Paper - PresentationSoichiro Seki: Developing a Future Regime beyond the Kyoto Protocol: Bottom-up Approach
Thursday Afternoon 23 June 2004Joshua M. Bushinsky, Mark I. Howells, David G. Victor, Thomas Alfstad: Demand Supply: The South African Electricity SectorKoen Smekens: The Role and Impact of CO2 Capture and Sequestration in Long Term Energy Scenarios Christian G. Eherer, Martin Baumann, Jorg Duweke, Thomas Hamacher: Nuclear Fusion as a New Energy Technology in a Single-Regional TIMES Model of the Global Energy System Casey Dehotal, Pat Delaquil, ary Goldstein: Modeling Methane and Deriving Mitigation Cost Curves in US-EPA MARKAL Paper - PresentationMaryse Labriet, Richard Loulou, Amit Kanudia: Integrated MARKAL Modeling of World Cooperative and Non-cooperative CO2 Mitigation Strategies Olev Liik, Mati Valdma, Matti Keel, Heiki Tammoja: Optimisation of Electricity Production Capacity under Uncertainty Paper - Presentation Daniel H. Loughlin: Generation and Analysis of Alternative Technological Scenarios Using MARKAL-MGA: Application in the Transportation Sector Uwe Remme: Future Role of Renewable Energy in Germany against the Background of Climate Change Mitigation and Liberalization Federico Santi: Small-size Nuclear Power Plants Inherently Safe: A Short-term Technology Option for the Future of Nuclear Energy
Regular ETSAP Spring Meeting
Friday 25 June 2004Morning Session ETSAP Executive Committee Meeting (restricted to Delegates and invited representatives)
(Draft Agenda and Annexes circulated separately)Afternoon Session(Completion of pending sessions / discussions)EFDA project: discussion of the second progress report