Sophia-Antipolis December 2008

Semi-annual ETSAP meeting

Index Semi-annual ETSAP Regular Workshop

Sophia-Antipolis (Nice, France) - Semi-annual Workshop 2008
December 15-17, 2008

Workshop Final Program

Monday, December 15, 2008
ETSAP regural session

Session 1: MARKAL-TIMES Models with black, green and white certificates

Chair:        Wenying Chen, Tshighua University, Beijing

Ms. Nadia Maizi, Director CMA - MINES ParisTech
Mr. Markus Blesl, Tom Kober, David Bruchof, Ralf Kuder, IER, Uni-Stuttgart
Mr. Ralf Kuder, IER, Uni-Stuttgart Final energy reduction potential within the European industry sector - Analysis by modelling a white certificate trading scheme with TIMES PanEU

Session 2: Updates on models and users interfaces

Chair:        Markus Blesl, IER, Uni-Stuttgart

Mr. Ken Noble (presented by Uwe Remme) The most recent ANSWER-TIMES enhancements
Ms. Wenying Chen, Tsinghua University, Beijing Recent energy modelling activities at 3E research institute
Mr. Socrates Kypreos Transport Module; Integration in MERGE and carbon stabilization scenarios
Mr. Erik Ahlgren POEM and ESMOPO continuation
Mr. Uwe Remme, Fabian Kesicki, Markus Blesl, Uli Fahl, IER, Uni-Stuttgart Long term energy price - independency between market power, resource availability & demand options (A sensitivity analysis with the soft coupling of TIAM and LOPEX)
Ms. Carmelina Cosmi, Ms. Filomena Pietrapertosa, IMAA-CNR, Potenza

Session 3: The key role of MARKAL modelling in the UK low carbon energy policy process

Chair:        Socrates Kypreos

Neil Strachan and Ramachandran Kannan, King's College London
Tom Paler and Steve Pye, AEA Technology
Gabrial Anandarajah and Neil Strachan, King's College London
Modelling stringent UK CO2 reduction targets: The UKERC academic scenarios

Session 4: Updates on models (continuation)

Chair:       Markus Blesl, IER, Uni-Stuttgart

Mr. Cedric Cubizolle, Alexandre De Sousa, Roman Kanala, HEG, Geneve "Social MARKAL": Integrating Behavioural Changes in the Technological Optimization Framework
Mr. Audun Fidje Towards a regional TIMES model for Norway
Maurizio Gargiulo, Rocco De Miglio, Polytechnic Turin - George Giannakidis, CRES, Amit Kanudia, KANLO EC-RES2020 project: preliminary results; the TIMES-UK model

Tuesday morning, December 16, 2008
ETSAP Executive Committee Meeting

Tuesday afternoon, December 16, 2008
International Workshop on 'Carbon and Prospective'
Jointly organized by Mines ParisTech/ENPC/AgroParisTech and ETSAP
(the program is attached in the last page)

Jean-Eudes Moncomble - Secretaire general,
Conseil Francais de l'Energie
Deciding the Future: Energy Policy Scenarios to 2050
Thierry Chambolle - Advasior for the Center for Strategic Analysis - CAS
The shadow price of carbon in France
E. Assoumou - Researcher at the Center of Applied Mathematiques - CMA/MINES Paris -Tech Mitigation targets & carbon value: insights from TIMES-FR
Olivier Sassi - Researcher at the International Center of Research on Environment and Sustainable Development CIRED/MINES Paris -Tech Towards climate friendly development patterns: the role of early action on infrastructure
Ms. Wenying Chen, Tsinghua University, Beijing China's energy and carbon options
Mr. Markus Blesl - IER, Uni-Stuttgart EU 20-20 policy implications on the energy system of Germany - an analysis with TIMES PanEU

Wednesday-Friday, December 17-19, 2008
Training on ETSAP tools
(see separate program, at

Wednesday, December 17, 2008
ETSAP regular sessions

Session 1: Advances in ETSAP - TIMES Integrated Assessment Model
Chair:       Mr. Edi Assoumou, MINES ParisTech
Mr. Richard Loulou, Ms. Maryse Labriet, r. Amit Kanudia New results with ETSAP-TIAM: climate scenarios with fragmented markets
Ms. Maryse Labriet, Richard Loulou, Laurent Drouet, Marc Vielle Soft-link with GEM-E3 and GEMINI-E3

Ms. Denise Van Regemorter, KUL Leuven

Why linkage?
Mr. Amit Kanudia, KanORS Accessing ETSAP-TIAM results on the web
ETSAP Contracting Parties Mr. Markus Blesl, IER
Mr. Keppo Ilkka, ECN
Experiences with the use of ETSAP-TIAM and extraction of a country model

Session 2: Updates on models (cont.) and New features of technical economic modelling

Chair:        Ms. Maryse Labriet, CIEMAT
Mr. Gondia Sokhna SECK, EDF/Ecole des mines (PhD) Non-Energy Intensive Industry Modelling
Mr. Francesco Gracceva The EU 20-20-20 policy for Italy: an evaluation with the partial & general equilibrium versions of the MARKAL-IT model
Ms. Mathilde Drouineau, Mines Paristech Integrating reliability constraints on power systems in long term planning tools
Mr. Richard Loulou, KANLO - Mr. Antti Lehtila, VTT - GianCarlo Tosato, ASATREM New features of the TIMES model generator
Mr. Tanay S. Uyar, Egemen Sulukan, Mustafa Salam, Uni-Marmara, Istanbul Analysing Alternative Scenarios on TURKISH MARKAL Model

Energy Technology Systems Analysis Programme
Annex XI: Joint Studies for New and Mitigated Energy Systems