Torino October 2002

Semi-annual ETSAP meeting

8-th ETSAP-VII Semi Annual Workshop, 28-31 Oct. 2002, Proceedings

Location: Politecnico di Torino (Italy), 28-31 October 2002
New Buildings of Politecnico di Torino, Via Paolo Borsellino 37
(car entrance at Via P.C. Boggio 71/A or Via P.C. Boggio 59/C)
(main entrance of Politecnico di Torino: Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24)

The Programme of the Workshop is as follows. (pdf file 82 KB)

Monday, 28.10

Technical meeting
9.00 - 9.10
Politecnico di Torino
9.10 - 9.20 Phillip Tseng
Welcome to the Workshop and Presentation of the agenda
9.20 - 9.30 GianCarlo Tosato
Objectives of the technical meeting (pdf file 18 KB)

9.30 - 11.00

Technical achievements of, and needs from,
Chair: Fridtjof Unander
Energy Technology Perspectives Project (IEA/ETP)
Systems for the Analysis of Global Energy Markets (SAGE)
Other multi-regional projects
National and Local Projects
Other Users (e.g., EPA goal programming, IES lumpy investments)
(pdf file 109 KB)
11.00 - 11.30 Coffee Break

11.30 - 12-45

Session on GAMS MARKAL Code Changes and TIMES
Chair: Gary Goldstein Proposals for changes, update on improvements
SW updates and distribution rules; directory of users
TIMES: tutorial, validation, OBJ
12.45 - 14.15 Lunch Break

14.15 - 15.45

Special Session on Endogenous Technology Learning
Chair Leonardo Barreto
Starting point: present ETL sub-model using MIP (L.Barreto) (pdf file 251 KB)
Updates on: Learning and non learning parts of a technology (K. Smekens)
Trade of learning commodities in multi-regional models (R. Loulou)
Heuristics 1 (R. Loulou)
Heuristics 2 (G.C. Tosato)
Discussion (pdf file 51 KB)
15.45 - 16.00 Coffee Break

16.00 - 17.00

Session on Users' Interfaces
Chair Amit Kanudia
VEDA-BE Improvements
VEDA-FE and related issues
Other shells (pdf file 4 KB)

17.00 - 18.00

Session on Documentation
Chair Richard Loulou
Documentation of Global Multi-Regional projects
Towards a new documentation of MARKAL
Status of documentation for TIMES
Web site development (pdf file 41 KB)

(In the afternoon, in a parallel session, presentation of the Italian version of a Guidebook for Advanced Local Energy Planning, ALEP, Annex 33 of the IEA IA on ECBCS)
(for program and proceedings, see


Tuesday 29.10

Contributions to Multi-Regional Global Energy Modelling

Session 1:

Status of the Projects
Chair: Socrates Kypreos
9.00-9.15 Introduction
9.15-9.45 John Conti,
USEIA, Director, Office of International, Economic, and Greenhouse Gases Division
Objectives and Status of the SAGE Project (pdf file 102 KB)
9.45-10.15 Fidtjof Unander, IEA Secretariat, EET
Objective and Status of the ETP Project
10.15-10.45 Socrates Kypreos, PSI
Global modelling activities at PSI with GMM and MERGE-ETL ( pdf file 155 KB)
10.45 - 11.15 Coffee Break
11.15-11.30 Barry Kapilow-Cohen, USEIA
Developments and Preliminary Results of the SAGE Project (pdf file 56 KB)
11.30-12.20 Dolf Gielen
IEA Secretariat, EET
Developments and Preliminary Results of the ETP Project (pdf file 169 KB)
12.20-12.50 Leonardo Barreto, IIASA/ECS
Environmentally Compatible Energy Strategies Project: current global modeling activities. (pdf file 732 KB)
12.45 - 14.15 Lunch Break

Session 2:

MARKAL/TIMES multi-regional models: availability, use and implications
Chair: Phillip Tseng
15.10-15.30 Koen Smekens
Database review of ETP Western Europe (pdf file 38 KB)
15.30-15.50 John C. Lee
"MARKAL Outreach Programs in Central America, Bolivia, and Puerto Rico". (pdf file 154 KB)
15.50-16.10 Gary Goldstein
APEC Renewables Study (Australia, China, Japan and US)
16.10 - 16.30 Coffee Break
16.30-16.45 G.C. Tosato
1st ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) - Australia MARKAL
Regional Users' Group (pdf file 34 KB)
16.45-17.15 Richard Loulou
The use of Global MARKAL for computing various equilibria (pdf file 41 KB)
16.00 - 17.00 Round Table discussion (planned, did not take place)
- Multi - Regional global models: communalities and differences
- Advancement in input and output data management
- Technology database / RES modelling details for IPCC studies
- Scenario Generation and Calibration to statistics
- Links between socio-economy and bottom-up models

Wednesday, 30.10

ETSAP regular workshop (morning)

9.00 - 12.45

National contributions
Chair: Fridtjof Unander
9.00-9.40 Peter Taylor
Long term, low carbon options for the UK (pdf file 316 KB)
9.40-10.10 Olev Liik
Mart Landsberg Activities with MARKAL in Estonia (pdf file 728 KB)
10.10-10.40 Osamu Sato
Analytical Studies on Nuclear Energy in Japan (pdf file 231 KB)
10.40 - 11.00 Coffee Break
11.00-11.30 Jan Duerinck (VITO, Be)
"Contributions with Markal to the Flemish research program to reduce
emissions of SO2, NOx, NH3 and VOC. Practical applications for the
electricity sector and steel sector " (pdf file 109 KB)
11.30-12.00 Uwe Remme, Markus Blesl
Recent modelling studies at IER (pdf file 328 KB)
12.00-12.10 Antti Lehtila
Finland:Current status/future plans for TIMES model development
12.10-12.30 Francesco Gracceva, Mario Contaldi
Contribution of MARKAL and M-M to the 3rd Italian Communication to
UNFCCC (pdf file 293 KB)
12.30-12.50 E. Lavagno, M. Gargiulo, D. Scaramuccia
Analysis of the transport sector in Torino using TIMES (pdf file 629 KB)
12.45 - 14.15 Lunch Break

Wednesday, 30.10

ETSAP Executive Committee (14.15 - 17.15)

Meeting restricted to Contracting Parties representatives

Thursday, 31.10

ETSAP regular workshop

Continuation of pending sessions