The MESAP Tool for Energy Planning and Environmental Management from German ETSAP Partner,IER

The German ETSAP partner, IER (Institute for Energy Economics and Rational Use of Energy), University of Stuttgart, has now information on their MESAP tool available on the Internet.
This information can be found at:

The IER ETSAP (and MESAP) contact person is: Christoph Schlenzig (e-mail:
IER has its own English internet site at: Further information on the institute is available from there.

[update!]19 Jan 2000:
A PDF file of the "Status of TIMES Integration into MESAP" (318 kB), presented at the second ETSAP VII Workshop (November 1999) in Bergen, the Netherlands, by Ulrich Schellmann (E-mail: of IER is now available on the ETSAP site.